Znare 10110100 the new nylon sound

The new nylon sound

Our debut snare drum 10110100™ will be available soon.

Znare hi-tech and handcraft

 Hi-tech and handcraft

The shell of this beauty is 3D-printed in Europe on the best machines currently available. It is made of solid nylon. The material has a number of great characteristics but most of all, we love its sound. We wanted to design the perfect nylon Znare drum and went through multiple cycles of prototyping and testing before we arrived at the final specs. The result is a wonderfully rounded tone, dry and punchy.

Znare top-quality hardware parts

Top-quality hardware parts

Chrome-plated tube lugs, straight hoops and die cast claw hooks make for a sweet vintage look. Strainer and buttend are produced by Trick drums USA. The snare comes stock with a white coated batter head, an Aquarian Hi-Performance resonant head and 16 strands of Puresound wires. It is finished with a silver-plated Z-bolt logo. Each instrument has a unique serial number engraved on the back of the logo badge.

Znare retail


Znare drums are made to order and assembled one piece at a time, but purchasing larger quantities is absolutely possible. If you’re a distributor of percussion instruments and wish to make our new model 10110100™ available to your customers as well, please be in touch: order@znare.com